July 28


Formerly Saba NYC, now ALBION SC Brooklyn, connects the Brooklyn, New York soccer market with one of the most elite clubs in the US, providing a platform for immediate national recognition, and receiving major operational, strategic advantages and support. #ALBIONNation

SABA NYC Players and Parents,

It is with great pleasure that we, ALBION SC get the opportunity to now serve this great community of Brooklyn and beyond. We look forward to supporting, guiding, and leading the growth of the game in the Brooklyn, NYC area. We are so proud to work with the leadership of this club and help elevate and grow the opportunities for this organization.

We will build upon the work of so many and keeping the heritage of SABA NYC alive, while innovating, enhancing, and propelling this club forward into 2021 with strength, resources, and a vision to truly be the model club in Brooklyn.

With your support, your commitment, and your desire to be the best we all will get the opportunity to share in moving this organization forward. We will be a pillar, a resource, and a backbone to pushing ALBION SC Brooklyn to the forefront and top of the pyramid of soccer in the state, region, and the US. We look forward to working with all the families, the coaches, and the players. 

Mark Santistevan, COO ALBION SC