July 28


We are very excited to have this opportunity to affiliate with ALBION SC. Having grown up in New York City, providing the best for the city’s players is my passion. The evolvement to ALBION SC Brooklyn is all about creating the best opportunities for the players in Brooklyn. Our club has a special community of parents, players, and coaches. It is very exciting to have an opportunity to give the players of the area access to the best quality development in the borough. The combination of ALBION SC’s resources, development plans, and pathways allows us to become the model club in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has long desired a club that offers a pathway for highly skilled players. We are excited to be part of the ALBION SC family and grow ALBION SC Brooklyn to provide that pathway.

Over the long term, we will continue to tell the stories of the great moments, teams and groups of people that will come together to make this club what it needs to be. This move changes the landscape of soccer in New York City and offers an opportunity to build something that we can all be proud of. When meeting the leadership at ALBION SC, we quickly realized the commonalities we shared in understanding the value that people and relationships have in building a strong organization. Working with SABA parents and players has shown us that we have the foundations of a strong club. The future is extremely bright. We are ready to get started and welcome you to join us!

Kushal Patel, Director of Soccer